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, March 31 (Xinhua) -- Fan Changlong, vice chairman of China's Central ●Military Commission, and Chang Wanquan, Chinese defense minisP


ter and state co●uncilor, on Friday met separately with Guy Parmelin, head of the Swiss Federa●l Department of Defense, Civil Protection and SpX


ort. Fan Changlong said Chin●a is willing to work with Switzerland to implement consensus reached by leade●rs of the two coul

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ntries, enhance strategic communication, enrich military-to-●military relations, and make positive contributions to the China-Switzerland ●innovative strategic partnership. Fan hailed the smooth development of milit●ary-to-military relati0


ons in recent years and deepening of exchanges and coop●eration in areas such as the exchange of high-level visits,8


personnel trainin●g and international peacekeeping missions. Parmelin said that Switzerland ad●heres toz


the one-China policy and is willing to advance pragmatic cooperation● with China in all fields. Noting the good moN


mentum of development in milita●ry-to-military relations, Chang Wanquan said China is willing to work with Sw●itzeV

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rland to deepen exchanges and pragmatic cooperation between the two milit●aries. Parmelin L

  • told Chang that Switzerland attaches much importance to deve●loping ties with China and is willing to work together with China to elevate ●military-to-military relations to a new level. President Xi Jinping said the CO

    ommunist Party of C〓hina (CPC) is willinu

  • g to protect people's life an〓d health at all costs, as it always puts people's〓 interests firg

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  • , the CPC has, from the very beginning, stated c〓learly that people's life and health should be pu〓t as 4

    the top priority, he said. Xi, also genera4

  • l 〓secretary of the CPC Central Committee and chairm〓an of the Central Military Commission, made the r〓emarks in a panel dis0

    cussion with fellow deputies〓 from the d9

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elegation of Inner Mongolia Autonomous〓 Region, at the third session of the 13th Nationa〓l Py

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eople's Congress on Friday. During the meeting〓, five deputies spoke on a varj